The Human Dimension of Business Workshops

“We” Mastery: The Courageous Communicator

Focused on team dynamics, especially around how to manage conflict and have difficult conversations. Emphasis will be on the 5 essential habits for creating strong relationships:

  • Responsibility. Each person takes 100% responsibility for choosing one’s response
  • Curiosity. Being genuinely curious about how others see things differently
  • Integrity. Being committed to living one’s values above all
  • Candor. Speaking up with both honesty and kindness
  • Commitments. Impeccably coordinating WHO is going to do WHAT by WHEN


“I” Mastery: Essential Habits for Happiness and High Performance

Focused on individual wellbeing, how to get you and your team to show up as your/their best Selves:

  • Body: Healthy habits regarding sleep, food, and fitness
  • Mind: Healthy habits regarding focused attention/not multitasking
  • Heart:  Emotional resiliency, managing one’s own mood regardless of circumstance
  • Soul: The deep satisfaction that comes from being able to say, “This is the life I mean to be living.”

Team Development + Facilitation

  • Surfacing “undiscussables”
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Building a true sense of trust and solidarity among team members
  • Aligning team on vision and strategy



  • Interviews to uncover gaps on levels of I/We/It
  • 1 or 2-day workshops presenting most relevant teaching given the gaps of the team
  • Follow-up coaching and facilitating to land the change


30, 60, and 90-minute keynotes on:

  • “I’d Like Your Unbiased and Possibly Career-Ending Opinion”:  Speaking Up Honestly Without Losing Your Job or Inspiring Your Employee to Quit
  • Success Beyond Success: A Life of Freedom and Productivity through Commitment to Values
  • Set a Timer and Eat that Frog: The 7 Essentials of Personal Productivity