I have worked with Jenna since 2005. She facilitates team discussions with firmness and flexibility, supporting the team´s effectiveness and, more importantly, its sense of cohesion and emotional commitment to each other. As a coach, she combines a brilliant mind with a kind heart. Every time I have heard a client speak about her it has been with the highest praise. She is one of the best coach/consultants I know.
Fred Kofman
author of Conscious Business: Building Value through Values
Jenna has been a cultural beacon for us at Headspace. I have worked with her on a personal 1-1 level, as well as bringing her in to help the whole company. Every single person at Headspace attends her Human Dimensions of Business course and it’s been a game changer for us. I couldn’t think of a better person to partner with when it comes to the human side of creating high performing cultures.
Rich Pierson
CEO, Headspace
Jenna was recommended to me by a number of HR professionals I highly respect and I was not disappointed. Sonos has a very strong culture and we were most proud of our transparency and openness. However, we wanted to ensure that our candor and directness was balanced with a strong sense of curiosity, enabling an environment where all perspectives could be heard. The program that Jenna facilitated, opened our eyes to our unique perspectives and biases. We learned how to turn from advocate to enquirer and how to have very direct and often uncomfortable conversations in a way that promoted respect and positive intent. Jenna’s unique facilitation style balanced warmth and vulnerability with real grit and directness.
Helen Russell
CPO Atlassian and Former CPO of Sonos
Jenna is an incredibly warm, thoughtful, compassionate leader who can at once activate and listen to a group. She is an expert at facilitating group discussions, and she does so with an easy-going communication style that makes everyone feel relaxed. She was able to establish instant trust with our team, and created a forum where co-workers felt comfortable sharing intimate thoughts and feelings with each other. She is able to ask evocative questions and get the group talking and sharing. What impressed me most about Jenna was her ability to listen. She responded so compassionately that you felt she deeply understood you. Meanwhile she accomplished this all over video conference! With regard to the Conscious Business curriculum, Jenna is an expert on the principles and tactics, and helped our team work through examples of how we could apply them to our daily work life in order to create a more safe and productive work environment. I could not be more of an advocate for bringing Conscious Business into the workplace with Jenna as your leader.
Danny Hartman
Senior Sales Manager, LinkedIn
Jenna is one of the most intelligent and powerful facilitators I’ve worked with. We are having all Breitlings go through her course, The Human Dimension of Business. The content is meaningful, gets the tough stuff on the table, and creates a collective sigh of relief as people realize they can be totally honest and totally kind at the same time. To align one’s values with one’s words is priceless, and it’s helping Breitlings by the day.
Durand Duin
Director of Learning, Eventbrite
As the facilitator of our Staff Summit, Jenna helped us to integrate and align as team. Her style is graceful, effective, and to the point, and as a result whole new pathways of productivity, creativity and innovation opened up to us. As a coach, she is masterful. A real ninja.
Baron Baptiste
Baptiste Yoga Institute
Thanks again for a really amazing couple of days. The future is uncertain for us, but I believe everyone walked away with a new perspective, renewed appreciation for each other and some new skills. You did an amazing job facilitating – keeping everyone focused and consistently engaged with one another and keeping the session productive. Not easy!! I hope our paths cross again.
Kim M
Yahoo! London, England
Calm, curious, warm, fiery, patient, present, and a little mischievous are all words I’d use to describe Jenna as a facilitator and coach. I’ve seen her create and hold a comfortable space for 30-40 people to expand their knowledge and energy, and seen her quietly acknowledge someone one-on-one for their most authentic self. As a speaker/ facilitator, you’ll find her to be funny, engaging, powerful, and confident. Her background is so varied and interesting, audiences can’t help but be drawn in to see her as an expert. As a coach, you’ll find her to be present, nonjudgmental, interested, intuitive, challenging, and like a guide that helps you find the path for yourself. I always get the idea that she knows where I’m going before I do, and it’s easy to trust her lead.
Bob Kinneson
Designer, Apple
Jenna, I really appreciate all your help. The team loved the session and thinks you are terrific, as do I! Our sessions have made such a difference to all of us.
Juliana B
Microsoft, Redmond, WA


Jenna’s message was both very timely and delivered in a highly impactful way for our organization. Her examples helped bring her message to life and she had the entire audience captivated. This presenter is highly recommended.
Peter Borozan
Vice President -
Nestle Pizza
Jenna was on a panel at the Wisdom 2.0 Business Conference in May of 2012, where she revealed herself as one of the the coolest, clearest, most compassionate, insightful, and just overall kick ass people I know. I am honored to have her as a friend, and have valued her counsel, coaching, and support for many years. If you get a chance to work with her, you are tremendously fortunate.
Soren Gordhamer
founder, Wisdom 2.0 Conference
Just wanted to tell you that it was a beautiful talk you gave. For me it was another example of your ability to exhibit intimacy at scale. What I love is your ability to be extremely real even when you are speaking to 500 people. And when you speak, people don’t just leave inspired, they are also propelled into action. From my perspective this combination of relatable authenticity with inspiring to action is what sets you apart. While I enjoy people who can speak or run workshops in an inspiring manner, what I value more is someone who inspires me to go from stuck to unstuck, or from good to great simply because I take action.
Prakash Venkataraman


Jenna is truly a gift. Her wisdom, humor, sparkling intelligence and big kind heart produce the most profound kind of coaching: insightful, precise, practical and immediately actionable. I couldn’t recommend her more for anyone looking to accelerate their progress and maximize their potential as a leader, team member or human being.
Jared Krause
I worked with Jenna as part of a high-potential future leader program and she was incredibly helpful. Jenna focused a lot on goal setting and provided me with some good tools/concepts to help me think beyond today and tomorrow – to really look into the future. I’d highly recommend Jenna for anyone who is interested in kick starting their career planning.
Marc Monday
Senior Director, Sales & Business Management, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
Jenna is aces. As a coach, she brings out the best in people by helping them tap in to their core strengths and talents. She listens deeply and generously, builds a bond of comfort and trust, and fosters a lively and productive conversation that helps us to connect with the best that’s in us. She brings a positive spirit to every coaching encounter, helping us to discover — and take — practical steps to improve the quality of our lives. She couples all this with a terrific sense of humor and an upbeat outlook that leaves us revitalized, refreshed and raring to get back in the game
Phil Quigley
former Head, Learning & Development, Yahoo! Software Development, India
Jenna opened my eyes to how out of balance my life had become. With her help I came to feel inspired about the challenge ahead of me. Now I see that for all of us, the future is still a blank canvas and it’s our actions today, in this moment, that will create the future we desire. I am in the process now of making changes that I know will lead to a sustainable and passionate life and work. Jenna brought me inspiration when I really needed it.
Christie O’Connor
senior accountant, Crowe Horwath LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana
I have just finishing a four month intensive coaching experience with Jenna, and I am truly grateful of the expert feedback received from her. My major learning from our time together: The WAY you say something is far more important than WHAT you say. I joke to my team that I am now the Dalai Lama of finance. That is probably overstating it, but I do feel that I come to work relaxed, passionate, and focused on getting things done harmoniously. I am much more relaxed and trusting about the future. The priority is getting my own self in order, showing up in the most positive way I can, and I trust that the rest will unfold as it needs to. I get comments all the time on the change in myself (including from my wife and 13 year old daughter). I greatly appreciate the work that I did with Jenna.
Marc R.
Finance Director, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
As a client of Jenna’s for three years, she has helped me to identify and become the person I want to be in a work environment. She’s shown me that I don’t have to compromise who I am in order to be successful, and given me the tools to negotiate difficult situations and conversations with integrity. As a result, I am much more confident in the workplace, and further along professionally.
Lori M.
Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice
Hands down the best coaching I’ve ever had.
Ben Budde